Covid Protection Kit
Set Of Spray Bottle Wiper With Covid Disinfecting Solution

Covid Nanoxy Disinfecting solution included

(Formulation Based On WHO Guidelines)

Combined with the spray wiper, this is a perfect kit to keep any home / Office safe from Viruses & Bacteria

User Friendly Design

No need to carry a separate spray bottle & Cloth / Wiper

you can spray and wipe the surface simultaneously
Get completely dry surface after a single wipe

Bottle can be filled with disinfecting / cleaning liquid

30ml Tank capacity

The included Disinfecting liquid can fill the spray bottle more than 30 times..

Which means it Can Disinfect your Car / Room more than 100 times!

Great for disinfecting your home, office or car

Get completely dry surface after a single wipe

Wiper is made with the durable rubber pad for a long life
What’s more, it is detachable so you can clean & store it easily

Just spray the liquid and wipe it off, and the windows and slabs would shine like never before

See the wiper in Action

Now Disinfecting is Fun! 😎